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why join our team?


Express your creativity! There's room for everyone's ideas and opinions at the shop! 

team dynamic

We're team-oriented! No job around the shop is below anyone! We work as a team to get the job done to perfection!


We have a passionate team! We're a group of people who love what we do & enjoy coming in to work every day!


We're professionals, but we have fun, too!  From great music to strong coffee, we have what you need to get through the day!

Want to apply?

We are always looking for hard-working, motivated, fast-paced, and sharp people with a positive attitude and great attention to detail. At All-County Apparel we respect our staff. We work hard and we work as a team.

Press Operator

 The press op has the ability to operate a press, have great attention to detail and have the patience to deal with the many variables that arise within the screen-printing process.


 The embroiderer will digitize and run jobs as required according to the work order. In addition, the embroiderer will also have great attention to detail & patience.

Shop Assistant

 The shop assistant has great attention to detail and assists the press op and team with checking-in and shipping out orders. Will also unload dryer & folds/packs apparel.


The intern will assist in many facets around the shop. From design to fulfillment, it is a great opportunity to gain experience in a warehouse and office! Credit is available!

Graphic Designer

 The designer will create, vectorize, and separate art and mockups as required per client specifications. Will also assist in creating work-orders and having the client approve the art. 


 The fulfillment team is a group of temporary employees that assist in picking, bagging and tagging, and packing merchandise, and preparing it for shipping!  

sales rep

The sales representative will work directly with clients! Sales reps are responsible for new business and providing quotes and other necessary materials to the clients, as requested!

customer service

The customer service teams handles any and all requests any issues that may arise with a clients order. Responsible for providing a viable and accurate solution to the client.


Our seasonal staff provides assistance to the fulfillment team, as well as production! The time-frame of work is selected by industry driven demand. This is a temporary position.

need more info?

No problem, shoot us an e-mail & we'll get you all of the answers that you need!

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